Will and Going to 

Talking about the future

Will / going to

 “will “

  • Actual future situations:

            The 2nd Winter Sports  Olympics in Erzurum will begin next year in January. 

  • When making a forecast:

I hope you will enjoy the film. 

  • When we make a snap decision:

                 I will have pizza, please. 

  • Conditional sentences:

                If you help me, I will handle this problem. 

  • When making offers and promises:

                  I promise I will not tell anyone.

  • When seeking approval:

                 Don’t eat ice-cream today, will you?  

“going to “

  • We’ve been talking about the things we’ve decided to do:

               I am going to apply for a job.

  • Planned activities:

               We are going to meet at 3.00  with our friends. 

Using the future tense with -ing

  • If a work in the future will continue (progress) for a certain period of time:

In the afternoon tomorrow, We will be taking our English Exam

  • In planned events:

Next week, I will be studying Spanish the whole week in the Spanish Course.

Using Future Tense with Perfect

  • Perfect was used for meanings whose effect persisted even at that moment.

I have just finished my work

When we use it with “will “, it gives the meaning that I will have finished.

By the time I get home, I will have travelled 5.000 km. 

  • By the time the soccer team takes part in Olympics, the players will have been training for three years.
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