PART 1 / Despite / although / however 


  • “Despite” contrasts two facts or ideas and is followed by an noun or verb+ing.
  • “Although” joins two sentences with contrasting ideas.
  • however “ starts a new sentence and contrasts with the previous sentence.

1.        —————– the cinema  expensive, I try to go every week.

2.        —————–being given tickets to the football match, we decided to watch it on TV.

3.        I want to go to the theatre. —————, I had to stay at home and study.

4.        She was very eager to talk to —————– being a famous film star.

5.        10% of British teenagers dream of becoming famous. ——————, the chances of being celebrity are about one in 30 million.


C- Choose the correct word  

1.        I remember to meet / meeting  Kevin for the first time 5 years ago.

2.        He stopped to eat / eating meat 2 years ago.

3.        I regret to say / saying there aren’t any empty rooms in the hotel at the moment.

4.        Did you remember to tell / telling Nigel we can meet him tonight?

5.        If they are too big, try to wear / wearing them with thicker socks.

6.        I was late for class because I stopped to talk / talking to a friend I met on the way.

7.        Setting off at 6.00 in the morning means to sleep / sleeping very early tonight.

8.        I regret to  buy / buying that dress. It doesn’t suit me.

9.        I will never forget to get / getting my first salary.

10.     I am trying to learn / learning Chinese because I will spend a year in China.

D- Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses   

1.        I don’t mind  ————————-  (work) on Saturdays.

2.        Shirley hopes  ———————– ( finish ) the project on Friday.

3.        My job involves  ———————– ( answer ) the phones from customers.

4.        You are supposed  ————————- (wear )  a suit at the meeting.

5.        I can’t stand  ———————– (live) in a skyscraper.

6.        It is not worth  ————————-  (eat) your lunch here. The dishes are awful.

7.        Michael refused  ———————– (give ) away his friend’s secret.

8.        You seem  ————————– (be) very happy today.

9.        Susan managed  —————————- (swim) across the river.

10.      We all should avoid ———————– (eat) fatty food.

E- Rewrite the sentences without changing the meaning  

1.  ‘ I didn’t steal the money ‘ Franc said.

Franc denied  ————————————————————-

2.  ‘Why don’t we have our dinner in the garden? ‘ Julia said.

Julia suggested  ————————————————————

3. ‘You should take a long holiday ‘  The doctor told Meg.

The doctor advised  ——————————————————

4. ‘ I’ll write to you every day. ‘  Liz told Sam.

Liz promised  ————————————————————–

5. ‘ I’ll be very happy if you come to my party.’  Mary told me.

Mary invited—————————————————————

Paragraf 1 

As you know I go to the health club at at least three times a week and I use the swimming pool there because I think it is a good idea. I admit you should try it. There, the gym is OK too and I seldom go there. When I saw you last day, you were very upset. You must confess that you shouldn’t work hard all day. Why don’t you  join the health club ? We can go there together then.

What is the writer trying to do ?

A ) apologise someone

B ) advise someone

C)  advertise someone

D ) complain about something


PART D / Complete the sentences below by writing a word from the box. 

Fun         funny          job         occasion         occasion         opportunity         possibility         work

1.        Andy’s birthday was a great —————- ! I won’t forget it.

2.        Excuse me! I have to get to——————– and I’m already late.

3.        Janet , you did an excellent —————— arranging the meeting so efficiently!

4.        I didn’t find working in the Office much —————— because my colleagues weren’t friendly.

5.        My boss has lost his temper on, only one ——————– as far as I can remember.      

6.        Polly took us to see a very —————–film which made us laugh a lot.

7.        Diego sees her part in this film as a great ——————- to show she can act in English.

8.        You have no ———————– of getting a more responsible job with your qualifications.








Stop to eat

Remember to meet / meeting

Regret saying ( üzgün olma )

Remember to tell / telling

Try to wear

Stop to talk

Means to sleep

Regret buying ( feel sorry )

Forget to get

Trying to learn


1.       Mind working

2.       Hopes to finish

3.       İnvolves answering

4.       Stand living

5.       Worth eating

6.       Refused to

7.       Seem to be

8.       Managed to

9.       Avoid eating


Denied stealing

Suggested having

Advised to take

İnvited Mary to come

Advise someone










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