Unlocking the World of Idioms: A Guide for Intermediate Learners

Idioms are fascinating and colorful expressions that add depth and character to the English language. These phrases often have meanings that go beyond the individual words, making them challenging for learners to decipher. However, understanding and using idioms can greatly enhance your ability to communicate effectively and sound more like a native speaker. In this […]

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IDIOMS / English Idioms Idioms are expressions whose meaning cannot be understood from their literal structure. Idioms are phrases or words that cannot be taught literally. About time: Finally, at last. It has taken a long time, often more than expected. We won the game about time. Be a piece of cake: Be very easy.

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Common Idioms in English bad-mouth: say unkind, unflattering, embarrassing (and probably untrue) things about someone. A: “I don’t believe what John said. Why is he bad-mouthing me?” B: “He’s probably jealous of your success. —— be a piece of cake: be very easy. A: “Bob said the test was difficult, but I thought it was a

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“Like a fish out of water  IDIOMS 1 1. If you feel “Like a fish ________ water” you feel in the wrong place. a. at b. below c. out of d. above 2. His name definitely rings ________, although I can’t put a face to it. a. a memory b. a opinion c. a bell

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