In this lesson, we will look at determiners in detail.

Definite article : the

Indefinite article : a, an

Possessive adjectives : my, his , her , your

Demonstratives : this, that, these, those

Quantifiers : every, some, any, each, both, either, neither, all, no, enough

Numbers ; one, two, three….



This laptop is mine.

This bridge was built in 1973.

This is Jane.

We are moving to the USA this Saturday. / Bu cumartesi ..


That girl is my sister.

I like the film called “ The Brave One “ .  That is brilliant.

“These “

I like these flowers.

These days, our school teachers give a lot of homework.

These cakes are really delicious



Why don’t you clean those Windows ?

Those tapes are really old.

Are those girls over there in your class?

“Both  “

Both Jane and Pamela are models.

Both of them are footballers.

(They are both footballers.)

“All “

All the players were there.

All of them came.

All that he did was wrong.


Either Jane or Pam will help us.

I will eat either of these cakes.

“neither “

Neither of them speak(s) English.

Neither of the boys like soccer.


I swim every day.

I have to help my dad every two days.


Are there any students in the class ?

None of them know(s) that I like pizza.

“ each “

One by one

Each student was introduced by the class teacher.

Each of the players was given certificate.

Each of the candidates.

“One / ones “

A: Which student do you mean ?

B: This one

“ a lot of “

There are a lot of students in this class.

A lot of people voted in the election.

There is a lot of sugar in my cup.

“Many “

Are there many students in that class ?

There are not many pizzas left.

“ Much “

There isn’t much sugar in my tea.

Do you have much time ?

“ Both ….and .

Both Janet and I like pizza.

“Neither…nor “

Neither George nor Jane is coming to the party tonight.

“ either ..or “

Either John or GAreeth will help us.

“Not only …but also”

Not only John but also jane are willing to help us today.

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