He is so trendy!

In English, we use the connectors ‘so’ and ‘such’ to specify a certain amount, much like ‘too’ and ‘enough.’


Let’s note that ‘so’ is used with adjectives:

He is so good that he could be professional.

He plays so well that he could play in the National team, too.

These trainers are so expensive that I can’t afford them.

There is so much noise here.

In the following examples, “so” indicates a quantity:

There are so many players that I couldn’t choose.

The sports center is so big that you need at least three hours to look around.

Note: “So” can also be used in place of “very,” but “so” is more emphatic.


Notice that “such” is used with nouns:

He is such a good player that he could be a professional.

He always wears such fashionable clothes that everyone admires him.

The new sports shop was opened yesterday. It has such a wide range of sporting equipment.

It was such an exciting race that I forgot to call.

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