At, By, For / Correct and Different Use of Prepositions

In English, prepositions are used with certain nouns in some expressions (phrase) and this does not change. The correct use of these expressions provides richness of speech. It shapes spelling in written language.

The following examples may gain a meaning other than their normal meaning. For example, we have learnt that “at” is a preposition of time: at 10.00, at lunch, at that time. Likewise, ” in ” was used for times such as years and months. In this lesson you will see different uses.


at the airport at first hand
at an auction at once
at the beginning at a glance
at one’s best at a guess
at breakfast / lunch at hand
at first at heart
at the bottom of at noon
at the bus stop at home
at fault at a hotel
at church at most
at the end at the moment
at / on the corner at midnight
at ease at km per hour
at all costs at large
at the door at last
at the crossroad at midnight
at downat the latest
at the doorat the match
at first sightat least
at one’s deskat a loss
at lengthat liberty
at war, peaceat 44 London St.
at presentat work
at a profitat the weekend
at the prospectat random
at any rateat university
at one’s requestat the top of
at the same timeat times
at schoolat sea
at the timeat the table
at the seasideat sunset
at/in the stationat short notice
by accidentby correspondence
by natureby all accounts
by day/nightby now
by appointmentby degrees
by oneselfby the arm/hand
by the dozenby order of
by auctionby far
by phoneby birth
by forceby post/airmail
by busby taxi
by planeby coach
by shipby sight
by carby law
by invitationby (the/one’s) side
by land/sea/airby surprise
by luckby the time
by marriageby the way
by chanceby means of
by oneselfby cheque
by mistakeby one’s watch
for agesfor hire
for safe keepingfor breakfast/lunch/dinner
for keepsfor one’s sake
for certainfor instance
for the sake offor a change
for salefor ever
for lifefor short
for fear (of)for love
for the time beingfor fun
for nothingfor a visit/holiday
for goodfor once
for a walkfor gran
for the rest offor a while
in fun in action
in addition toin advance of
in full swingin a bad temper
in agreement within focus
in aid ofin all
in answer toin  bed
in the beginningin the flesh
in blossomin brief
in a bookin any case
in cashin charge of
in the centre ofin code
in colorin flames
in comfortin common
in favour ofin comparison with
in conclusion toin fashion
in factin existence
in ( good) conditionin confidence
in exchange forin control of
in the countryin danger
in the darkin demand
in debtin detail
in the direction ofin doubt
in due coursein one’s free time
in futurein the past
in gearin general
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