Basic English Words, Numbers, Body Parts, Clothing, and Hair Descriptions

If you’re just starting to learn English, one of the first things to do is to learn the alphabet. Let’s learn these sounds now:


Read and repeat the numbers:

  • 1 – one
  • 9 – nine

Ordinal Numbers

Here are some ordinal numbers:

  • 1st – first
  • 2nd – second

Describing People

Learn vocabulary related to describing people’s physical appearance:

  • forehead
  • cheek

Height and Body

Learn words related to height and body shape:

  • short
  • tall

Clothes People Wear

Learn clothing vocabulary:

  • Dress
  • hat

Body and Hair

Learn vocabulary related to the body and hair:

  • head
  • wrist

About Our Hair

Learn vocabulary to describe hair:

  • Black
  • blonde

You can use these words to create sentences and practice your English skills.

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