Expressions of Fear in English

If you want to talk about fear in English, here are some words and expressions to help you:


We use “afraid” as an adjective to express that something or someone is dangerous:

  • afraid of lions
  • Don’t be afraid
  • I am not afraid of him
  • She is so shy to talk to people


When fear is sudden and shocking:

  • horror film
  • horror story


Expressing fear of specific important things:

  • fear of poverty
  • fear of exams

Frighten and Scare

Using “frighten” and “scare” when fear occurs suddenly:

  • Yesterday my friend scared me by shouting
  • The monster figure in the film was really frightening
  • He is terrified of spiders


When fear becomes even greater:

  • terror in behavior
  • terror in his look

Adjectives Related to Fear

  • not afraid, unafraid
  • fearless
  • coward
  • shy
  • brave
  • courageous

Feel free to incorporate these words and expressions into your English conversations about fear!

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