Projects in English

Project 1

Sports Personality 

Make a presentation about a well- known sports person.

Think of a sportsperson you would like to find out.

a. Think of a sports activity / event you saw on TV or read about.

b. Think of a person in one of these events who impressed you a lot.

c. Think why this person impressed you a lot.

2 Brainstorm

a. Work in groups. Brainstorm the ideas to decide who you will choose.

b. Use Internet or look up information in magazines or books, in library or at home to find out as much as possible about the person. 

3 Research

Questions about him / her :

1 When was he / she born ?

2 What can you tell about her / his childhood ?

3 What sport does he / she do ?

4 What was her / his biggest success ?

5 Why is he / she so successful ?

6 What kind of person is he / she ?

4 Presentation

Put together all the information you have in your group.Decide how you organise.

a. Start a picture uncovered.  Ask the class to guess who your presentation will be about.

b. Let them present the facts about the person.

c. Finish the presentation. Now take it turns saying what they admire about him / her.

Project 2

Life in the Future 

Work in groups of four or five. Decide on a topic ;

  • food
  • homes
  • schools
  • clothes
  • town and cities
  • weather
  • transportation
  • communication
  • inventions
  • clothes

a. Decide how far into the future you would like to look : 2020-2030-2040-2050

b. How will the life be in the year you choose ?

About food ?

  • Will people eat more take-away food ?
  • Will people eat healthy food ?
  • Will it be more expensive ?
  • Where will food come from ?
  • Will there be enough food for everybody ?

Make the poster

You can find photos from science fiction films in magazines or on the internet,  or you can draw your own picture.

c.  Write a text. For example ;

In the year 2040, people will live in houses on the surface of Mars.

d.  At the top of your project paper, write the title of presentation; 

Homes in the year 2040

e.  at the bottom, write a longer text :

There will be different kinds of homes from the houses we live in now. There will also be houses on the moon and on other planets. People will live much longer. An old person will be 800 or 900 years old. Some people will only work for three or four hours a day.

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