FCE New Vocabulary Study / New Test

FCE Vocabulary 3

Describing People / Personality

Adjective List

  • arrogant
  • easy-going
  • sociable
  • sensible
  • argumentative
  • bossy
  • honest
  • loyal
  • eccentric
  • open-minded
  • sensitive

Read the texts and put the adjectives in the correct blanks.

Example 1:
My brother, George is very argumentative. He always argues with his friends around him. He doesn’t believe that he makes mistakes, that’s the problem.

Example 2:
The problem is that he is not tend to change his mind! He doesn’t listen to other people’s opinion. The others’ point of view is not important for him. I think he should believe that other people see the events from different perspectives. He is arrogant.

Example 3:
My friend Jill does her own things. She uses her old bag that she bought 3 years ago. She doesn’t really care what other people care about her. It is fun being with her because she is different from anyone else. But she is a harmless eccentric.

Example 4:
I don’t like people who always tell me what to do. My cousin Jessica is so. She is so bossy and she imagines that she can tell me what to do.

Example 5:
My best friend John says whatever he thinks. Because of that, sometimes people get offended. He says things as he sees.

The Answer Key:
1. argumentative
2. arrogant
3. eccentric
4. bossy
5. honest

Talking about the future

1. As soon as we save enough money, I will buy you a big bike.

2. By the time we get to the house, they will have had their dinner.

3. Hakan will not be at work because he will take part in a “violin” concert.

1. b     2. a     3. b

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