Words that take both -ing and -to, but with a change in meaning

  •          Forget

I forgot to turn off the computer. ( forget to turn off )

I forgot turning off the computer. ( forget a past action )

In the first sentence he forgets something he has to do. (forget to do), whereas in sentence 2 he forgets that he has done something in the past.

  •          Stop

He stopped to smoke.

He stopped smoking.

  •          Sorry

Let us not forget that this word is an adjective. Adjectives are also used with am-is-are;

I am sorry to inform you  that you haven’t passed the exam.

I am sorry for disturbing you in your Office.

  •         Want

Want to stop staying up late. ( wish )

Want cleaning. ( needs )

  •          Try

Try to eat less.

Try stopping.

  •          Remember

Remember to lock the door.

Remember locking the door.

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