First, next, then, after, later

When narrating the sequence of events, we use the following words, which add richness to our sentences.

First: initially, firstly
Then: afterward, after that
Afterwards: later, subsequently
Next: then, later

Okay, we are just starting the game. First, you must wear your jerseys and sneakers.

Then, we must take the ball from the P.E. teacher.

Afterwards, we can play.

More examples:

Now, I’m going to give you the recipe for Turkish Stuffed Peppers. First, you have to hollow out the fresh peppers.

Next, fill the peppers with rice….

Only: only, just, solely, exclusively

It indicates only a part of the sentence. Specifies the number and limit.

Only you will be paid for the extra work.

We can only play football.

Even: even, also, moreover, furthermore, in fact

It indicates that the information in the sentence is surprising.

She even reads comic books.

Even my best friend misunderstood me!

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