In this text, you have provided examples related to various aspects of the English language, including advice, duty, obligation, the passive voice, infinitive vs. gerund, and phrasal and prepositional verbs. Here’s a breakdown of the content:

1. Advice, Duty, and Obligation:

  • You mentioned the use of “should” and “ought to” for giving advice.
  • Gave an example related to preparing for an English test and not panicking.
  • Highlighted the duty of a police officer to catch criminals and wear a uniform.
  • Mentioned the obligation of wearing seat belts and locking car doors.

2. The Passive Voice:

  • Provided examples of sentences in the passive voice, including sentences about house painting, car maintenance, and flower watering.
  • Mentioned famous works and structures created by specific individuals in the passive voice.

3. Infinitive vs. Gerund:

  • Discussed preferences and activities using both infinitive and gerund forms, such as “I enjoy shopping” and “I like spending time on it.”
  • Mentioned teaching English and encouraging your son to play an instrument.
  • Gave examples of hobbies and interests.

4. Phrasal and Prepositional Verbs:

  • Listed several phrasal verbs and their meanings, including “get up,” “take up,” “take off,” “look up,” “look down,” “get on,” “turn on/off,” and “try on.”

Overall, this text covers a wide range of language concepts, making it a useful resource for learners looking to understand different aspects of English grammar and usage.

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