Important Prepositions 3 / As a result of , at the beginning of

Some prepositions have the form  prep + noun + prep. We can use prepositional phrases to talk about where the things are.

Imagine we are in the factory :

The boss stands at the back of the machines, as you can see.

The workers are working in front of the new machine. 

(Since these prepositions are used as a pattern, they do not change according to time and place. The meanings of prepositions or nouns are not considered in isolation)

as a result of 

As a result of extra work  in the factory, the workers demanded extra money. 

at the beginning of

At the beginning of the ceremony, the school head master made a speech.

At the bottom of 

At the bottom of the ship , we have seen a huge hole.

at the back of

At the back of the class, there are 4 pupils sitting.

in the middle of

In the middle of the game,  the fans got in to the pitch. 

at the front of 

in front of

Clare sits in front of me in the class.

on top of 

at the top of

at the end of

At the end of the game, our team won a victory.

on the point of

by means of

in case of

In case of danger,  leave the house !

in charge of 

in touch with

I will keep in touch with you by mailing.

on behalf of

in favour of

in spite of

in sight of

in love with

Mary is in love with her colleague in the school.

in contact with

with regard to

With regard to your energy, you deserved to be in the counselling team.

With regard to your request to visit our school, we would like to suggest Friday 10th April.

in addition to 

In addition to the new list, I have another friend who deserves to be in it. 

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