I ran as fast as he could.

tall – taller – the tallest

Jane is taller than Lusie.

Jane is the tallest in our class.

short – shorter- the shortest

nice – nicer- the nicest

wide – wider- the widest

big – bigger- the biggest

hot – hotter- the hottest

pretty – prettier- the prettiest

happy – happier – the happiest

Irregular adjectives:

good – better- the best

This is the best price for you.

bad – worse- the worst

far – further- the furthest

little – less – the least

much – more – the most

many – more- the most

If there are two or more syllables – we used to use more than and the most suffixes:

popular – more popular than.. – the most popular

Internet is more popular than television nowadays.

important – more important than.. – the most important

as… as

We indicate that two objects or people have the same property with the as… as pattern:

His car is as expensive as my car.

I ran as fast as he could.

I should save money as much as possible.

Our flat is ( not ) as big as their flat.

the same as…

Their house is the same size as ours.


Sorry, I haven’t got enough food for you.

She can’t run fast enough.

I have worked enough so I am really tired.

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