You had better study hard this week. 

When we use the verb in its simple form with “had better”, we mean that we want to give advice and say that it is the right thing to do.

Had better

You had better study hard this week.

You had better buy a jacket for the school today.

We had better not disturb her.

What is the difference between “had better” and “should and ought to”? Had better contains a stronger sense of recommendation than should.

Also “must” can sometimes be used as a recommendation. Must is also a stronger recommendation than had better.

You must see the doctor urgently.  

You had better see the doctor.

Would rather 

I can also use We’d better / I’d better as a short form.

We use ” would rather ” to express preference.

I am really tired so I would rather not go to soccer match with my friends.

I’d rather go shopping right now, there are lots of things that we need.


We use “Prefer” when we talk about general preference.

I prefer watching TV to listening to the radio.

He prefers Turkish coffee to tea.

We can also make a comparison using ” rather than “:

I prefer to look around the town rather than sit down at home.

We can also use the verb “prefer” with would:

I would prefer to live in İzmir rather than in İstanbul ( rather than to live ).

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