Infinitive ( -to )

In lesson 1 of this chapter, we studied verbs with -ing. Now we will see verbs with -to.

The infinitive is used after some verbs;

I hope to see you again.

I learnt to speak English.

As can be seen in these two examples, when a verb comes after “hope” and “learn”, it is used with -to. We call this infinitive (- to ).

Now let us see the verbs that must be followed by -to in this way;

Hope         learn        agree        ask       want        afford        promise        pretend         intend         prefer   choose   help

In the same way, some adjectives are followed by – to;

I am happy to see you.

It is difficult to finish.

Some adjectives:

Difficult                      happy                           possible                                       simple

When we ask someone to do something;

He forced me to obey him.

He persuaded me to gossip.

Verbs used in this way are:

Persuade –  force –  allow   – teach
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