In English, modal verbs like “can,” “could,” “may,” “might,” and “will” are commonly used to make requests, seek permission, and indicate ability. Here’s how these modals are used in different situations:

  1. Requests:
    • Could: Could you pass the salt, please?
    • Can: Can you solve this question for me, please?
    • Will: Will you give me your mobile for a few minutes?
  2. Permission:
    • Can: Can I have some more parsley, please?
    • Will: Will you mince the meat, please?
  3. Formal Situations:
    • Would: Would you mind signing this form, please?
    • Could: Could you finish writing the report by Friday, please?
    • May: May you visit the office manager at 11, please?
  4. Ability:
    • Could: I could play in the street when I was 9 years old.

Modal verbs play a crucial role in expressing politeness, making requests, and seeking permission in various social contexts. Understanding their usage can help you communicate effectively and appropriately in different situations.

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