Conditional 2 / İf

In English, we make the 2nd form of Second Conditionals, that is, conditional sentences, using “PAST Tense” and “Would”. Unlike the use of If in the 1st form described on the Pre-Intermediate page, here we talk about imaginary situations.

1: If clause and  would + verb

If William was here, he would help us.

The world would be boring if there were no trees.

If I had better job, I would be so much happier.

If I had even a little money  I would help people in Somalia

If I were you ı wouldn’t treat him like that. 

In this case, “were” and “was” can also be used after the subject “I”.

2: In the second sentence, “could” can sometimes be used instead of “would”.

If the weather was fine we could go to picnic.  

3: An important point that we should not forget is that although Past is used in the 2nd form of If sentences, the event does not always refer to Past. Since the reality it conveys is imaginary, it can also refer to the future time;

If the world was in ice, the life would be impossible

The world would be a nicer place if there were no wars. 

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