Still / We use “still” if something continues or to be true.

In English we use “still” if we would like to emphasise that it has not changed or stopped.


He still hasn’t sold his car.   

I still want to meet new friends from Portugal.

I still like my teacher although he scolded me.

I am still thinking about her.


In English,  we use ” only ” to emphasise that amount or a number is limited or small.

We have only two hot dogs left.

There is only a little meat in the fridge.  

Only 2 people came to the final exam.   

I can only stay for half an hour.   


We can use ” also ” to say that we have something more than what we said.

He has got 100 euro and also 100 dolar.

She has got a nice laptop and she’s also got a PC.

I have also experience marketing.


We use ” so ” before the result of anything.

It was raininig cats and dogs so I got wet very much.

My car was broken down so I called the car tow.


We use ” because ” before the cause of something.

I like you because you are my best friend.

I called the tow because my car was broken.

So that

We use ” so that ” talk about the aim / purpose  of an action , event.

I will warn you once more  so that you won’t do the same mistake.

I am mailing you about the time of our concert so that you don’t forget it.

I helped her about the project so that she could finish and submit it on time.

Instead of 

To say and emphasise that expected action doesn’t happen.

Instead of me, the couch selected the other player.

Instead of using computer, he wrote his letter by handwriting.

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