But, however, though / Linking sentences

In English, these are the phrases we use more in formal, that is, official speeches. They are also used in daily conversations to express personal opinions.

We can use the phrases above in formal situations and to give personal opinions.


When we want to express a contrast ideas between statements.

I used to smoke when I was 40, but now I don’t smoke.  

I like her but she doesn’t like me.

She used to be very aggressive to her friends but now she is not.

The conjunction “but” occurs more often in the middle of a sentence.


Though and although have the same meaning, although is more often used in everyday speech and although in informal speech.

Although she has a cheap PC, she likes praising it to much.

Though he doesn’t study for English exams, he gets high marks.

Though he is too old , he coaches a team in the city.


To express a contrast between two sentences;

He can’t speak English well, however his French is really fluent.

He is the best student in school, however he doesn’t do homeworks on time.

There will be a big underground car park, however it is not going to be a cure for parking.

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