Ways of Expressing the Future

1. Future Simple (Simple Future Tense) = will

In cases of uncertainty;

I hope

I think / I believe

I expect / I anticipate




These expressions gain a stronger meaning when combined with phrases like:

I hope he will come soon.

2. Making predictions about the future;

I think the climate will change.

The world’s weather will change in 20 years’ time.

Sea levels will rise by several centimeters.

3. Making requests;

Will you help me carry this suitcase?

Will you help me with the project?

4. Making promises;

I will not forget my promise.

I will keep my promise.

5. “will be doing” (future continuous);

will + be + …ing

I will be having dinner and cannot come to the match at 10.

Sea levels will be changing in 2020.

6. “will have done” (future perfect);

will + have + past participle (V3)

Call me after 10 because I will have had my dinner.

She will have earned 20,000 Euros by the time she turns 30.

7. “going to” – For strong indications of future;

There are lots of black clouds! It is going to rain.

For future plans and intentions;

I am going to study “English Literature” at the university.

Let’s Discuss

1. Do you think we will often drive electric cars in 2013?

A: I think people are using them at the moment.

B: But not often. I think in a few years’ time…

2. Will people learn everything using computers in 10 years’ time?

3. Will there be human clones as in the movies?

4. Do you think the flu will have been cured by 2020?

For pair discussions;

1. What will you be doing at this time next year?

– I will have graduated and I will be working…

2. How long will you have worked at your job in June?

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