Prepositions of Movements

between, across, by, down, from, up, under, on, off, in, onto, out of, over, past, round

I climbed on the hill.

The tiger ran / was running between two trees.

Walk across the Golden Bridge.

Then, pass by some shoe shops.

Janet fell down the high tree yesterday.

Yes, jump in the river and swim!!

I am from London.

Jill comes from London.

Get off the car, hurry up!

We got onto the train.

He is swimming along the deep riverside.

Walk under the bridge.

We arrived at the hotel yesterday.

We arrived in Gaziantep yesterday evening.

I go to the swimming pool.

We are going to the island.

I go home. (Note: “I go to home” is incorrect. “Home” already indicates a location.)

She always goes by plane.

Get out of my car.

To be continued…

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