Prepositions: In, With, By, Without

“In” Preposition

We use “in” with clothes to talk about how somebody is wearing them.

  • I went to work in trainers yesterday.
  • I saw him in a T-shirt and jacket.
  • She was very beautiful in her new dress.

“With” Preposition

1. With: Indicates association, possession, accompaniment, or manner.

  • He is a little boy with black hair and green eyes.
  • We have a very nice library with thousands of books.

2. With: Indicates the way something is done.

  • I brushed my teeth with my toothbrush.
  • She cleaned the room with a vacuum cleaner.

“By” Preposition

We can help her by cleaning the windows.

He bought a nice “ney” at last by looking through hundreds of shops.

“Without” Preposition

She took my mobile without asking my permission.

You cannot go there without me.

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