Right about 

We use prepositional phrases to talk about people’s feelings and attitudes.

adjective.                        prep.

sorry                                 for

afraid                               of

reason                              for

I am afraid of crocodiles.

Sorry for coming late ! 

pleased with

She is pleased with the win.

tired of 

I am tired of studying all night.

responsible for 

The man at the back is responsible for checking the tickets.  

reason for

The derby match between GS and FB was the reason for the fight. 

disappointed with

I am disappointed with your attitudes towards your parents.


annoyed with

disappointed with

belief in

effect on

reason for

excited about

sorry about

curious about

wrong about

right about

happy about

tired of

afraid of

fond of

sick of

sorry for

surprised by / at

interested in

ready for

proud of

jealous of

worried about

honest about 

gentle with

polite to

rude to

right about 

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