Using ‘What’ and ‘Which’ in Questions

Which one is your computer? / What color is your computer?

As seen in the title, “What” and “Which” are used to ask questions about singular and plural nouns. With a few differences:

  1. “What” is used more in general statements and questions with many possibilities. “Which” is used in questions with fewer possibilities.
  2. What color is your computer? (Many color possibilities exist.)
  3. Which teams are playing well this year? (Only a few teams are playing well.)
  4. What food does the president like? (Many possibilities.)
  5. What language do people speak in the USA? (Many languages.)
  6. Which language do you prefer, English or Spanish? (Two possibilities.)

Usages of “What”:

What kind of horse do you know…

What size do you wear?

What time

What color

What questions

What book, game, film, etc….

Usages of “Which”:

Which of the questions

Which of them…

Which one do you want?

Which music do you like, Pop or Folk?

Which player is winning?


Hello, welcome to the “Quiz show”! Which questions will you answer today? Let me tell you. You will have 3 types of questions. One of them is about sports. Another is about food, and the last one is about the city where you live. Which one is the first?

– Sports

OK! Which team is starting first? OK, the Blue Team is first. Here is your question:

Which teams are playing in the Champions League Semi-final match?

– Manchester United and Barcelona.

Which of them do you think will win?

– I think Barcelona will win.

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