Forms of Imperative Sentences in English

In English, imperative sentences are used in various ways. Let’s explore different forms of imperatives:


Instructions are used to give direct commands or guidance:

  • Do your job! / Complete your task.
  • Answer the question. / Provide an answer to the question.
  • Come here. / Move to this location.
  • Fasten your seat belt. / Secure your seat belt.
  • Milk the cow. / Extract milk from the cow.
  • Open your book. / Unfold your book.

Imperatives for Advice:

Advice imperatives are used to suggest or recommend actions:

  • Wear your coat. / Put on your coat.
  • Stay inside the room. / Remain within the room.
  • Take aspirin. / Consume aspirin.


Invitations are used to invite someone to an event or action:

  • Come to our party. / Attend our party.
  • Have tea. / Enjoy some tea.
  • Come and see me at 5. / Visit me at 5.


Requests are used to ask someone to do something politely:

  • Please, sit down and do your task. / Kindly take a seat and complete your task.
  • Please, fill in the form. / Would you please complete the form?


Orders are used to give direct commands or prohibitions:

  • Don’t run in the corridor. / Refrain from running in the corridor.
  • Be quiet! / Maintain silence!
  • Don’t stay near windows. / Avoid being close to windows.
  • Never take a lift. / Avoid using an elevator.
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