Which or What?

‘What’ and ‘Which’ for Questions

Which one is your computer? / What color is your computer?

As seen in the title, “What” and “Which” are used to ask questions for singular and plural nouns. With a few differences:

  1. “What” is used more in general statements/questions with many possibilities, while “which” is used in questions with fewer possibilities.
  2. Usages of “What”:

“What kind of horse do you know…” = what kind of horse do you know?
“What size do you wear?” = what size do you wear?
“What time” = what time
“What color” = what color
“What questions” = what questions
“What book, game, film, etc……..”

  1. Usages of “Which”:

“Which of the questions” = which of the questions
“Which of them….” = which of them…
“Which one do you want?” = which one do you want?
“Which music do you like, Pop or Folk?” = which music do you like, Pop or Folk?
“Which player is winning?” = which player is winning?


Hello, welcome to the “Quiz show”! What questions will you answer today? Let me tell you. You will have 3 kinds of questions. One of them is about sports. The other is about food, and the last one is about the city where you live. Which one is the first?

– Sports

Okay! Which team is starting first? Okay, the Blue Team first. Here is your question:

Which teams are playing in the Champions League Semi-final match?

– Manchester United and Barcelona.

Which of them do you think will win?

– I think Barcelona will win.

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