Formal and Informal Speaking Tips

Learn about formal, less formal, and informal speaking formulas in English conversations.

Greeting Someone

  • Informal:
    • Morning! (Good morning!)
    • Hello, there! (Hello)
    • Hello, everybody! (Hello, everyone)
    • Evening! (Good evening)
    • Afternoon! (Good afternoon)
  • Less Formal:
    • You are just the person I want to see! (Nice to see you)
    • Good to see you!
  • Formal:
    • Good morning!
    • Good evening!
    • Good afternoon!

Starting a Conversation

  • Informal:
    • Warm, isn’t it? (Nice weather, isn’t it?)
    • Hot, isn’t it?
    • Hello!
  • Less Formal:
    • Windy, isn’t it?
    • Today is a terrible day, isn’t it?
    • Starting to snow, isn’t it?
    • I’m sorry, but…
    • Lovely day, isn’t it?
    • Freezing cold, isn’t it?
    • Scorching hot, isn’t it?
  • Formal:
    • I hope you don’t mind my asking, but…
    • I beg your pardon, but…
    • Forgive me for asking, but…
    • Excuse my asking…
    • Excuse me, but…?
    • Excuse me…
    • Excuse me asking, but…?
    • Do excuse me, but…?

Introducing Yourself

  • Informal:
    • Hello! … I’m…
    • Hello!
    • Evening!
    • Afternoon!
  • Less Formal:
    • Hello? This is… (Hello, this is…)
    • Hello? My name’s Hakan. (Hello, my name is Hakan)
    • Hello? Hakan speaking. (Hello, this is Hakan speaking)
  • Formal:
    • May I introduce myself?
    • How do you do? My name’s…
    • Good morning!
    • First let me introduce myself.
    • Excuse me!
    • Excuse me, my name’s…
    • Allow me to introduce myself.
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