Past Tense Dialogues

Dialogue 1

A: Hi?

B: Hello. It’s Diana. I called you last night, but you weren’t at home.

A: Yes, because I was at the cinema.

B: Oh, really? What did you see?

A: Inception.

B: Was it good?

A: Yes, it’s really a nice movie. The story and the acting were excellent.

B: What did you learn about the movie?

A: Well, the human mind through dream invasion, in a world where technology exists.

B: What else?

A: They gave a thief a final chance at redemption and…

B: Don’t tell the rest. I would like to watch the rest at the cinema. Do you recommend it?

A: Definitely.

Dialogue 2

A: Hi Ian.

B: Hi Ryan. Where were you last week?

A: I was in Izmir.

B: Izmir, Wow! How were your days? What was it like?

A: Very enjoyable and interesting.

B: How was the weather and the food, of course?

A: The weather was very nice, sunny all the time. In addition, the food was excellent. I couldn’t eat too much, but on the second day, I was okay.

B: What exactly did you like?

A: I liked “Izmir Köfte.”

B: Sounds good. I’d like to go there.

Dialogue 3

A: Hi, John. Did you have a nice weekend?

B: Yes, my weekend was perfect.

A: What did you do?

B: Hmm… My friend visited me on Saturday for watching movie at my place. I had pizza on Sunday with my friends.

A: Have you had fun?

B: Yes, the food was delicious and there was live music show in the restaurant.

A: When did you get back home?

B: Around 9 pm. I felt so tired so slept once I was back.

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