Restaurant Types:

  • Fast food restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Small restaurant
  • Local restaurant
  • Expensive restaurant
  • Cheap restaurant

Which one do you usually go to?

I usually go to local restaurants.

Common Words in Restaurants:

Recommend, Service, Menu, Bill, Main course, Starter (appetizer in American English), Salad, Soup, Dessert, Steak, Beef, Chicken, Soft drink, Fizzy drink, Mineral water, Juice

Describing Food in a Restaurant:

Tender, A bit too salty, Excellent, Really tasty, A bit too spicy, Hot food, Tough, Delicious, A bit too sweet

Useful Phrases in a Restaurant:

Would you like to see the menu?
How would you like your beef/steak?
Are you ready to give your order/to order?
Excuse me, can I have three teas, please?
Is everything OK with your steak?
I will have a half chicken and rice, please.
I will have soup to start.
Could I have some more rice?
Can I get anything to drink?
What would you like to have for your main course?
Would you like a dessert?
It’s excellent. This steak is very tasty.
It’s not very good.
The carrots are really tasty/bad.
The chicken is really spicy.
The fruits are really fresh.
How is your beef?
Is your pizza delicious?
Do you want chips with it?

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