Clerk: Hello sir(madam) welcome to Turkcell. How may I help you?

Guest: Yes, I’m interested in buying a phone.

Clerk: Sure, follow me.

Clerk: Ok, here are our phones. This is the newest phone that just came out. It has the latest technology. A camera, video recorder, touch screen, it has everything anybody could possibly need.

Guest: How much is it?

Clerk: With a 2-year contract it is $200. Without one it costs $500.

Guest: I don’t want to sign a 2-year contract and $500 is too much. How about that phone?

Clerk: This is our 2nd most popular phone. It has a camera and touch screen but no video recorder. It costs $100 with a contract and $300 without one.

Guest: What about that other phone?

Clerk: That is our basic model. It has a camera but no touch screen. It is free with a 2-year contract or $50 without a contract.

Guest: Hmmm…. I guess I’ll take the 2nd phone you showed me.

ClerK: Ok. With a contract or without one?

Guest: Without one please.

Clerk: Ok that will be $300 please. Card or cash?

Guest: I have cash.

Clerk: Ok. Here is your brand new phone. The charger and instructions are in the box. Here is your receipt and change. Thank you for coming in today.

Guest: Thank you for you help.

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