1. Make an Appointment

In hospital

Jake: I would like to see Dr.Brown, please ?

Receptionist: Just a second, let me see. The first appointment will be Ok at 4.00 pm on Tuesday.

Jake: I am afraid Tuesday is not good for me. What about Wednesday ?

Receptionist: 2.00 pm on Wednesday ?

Jake: Yes, that will be fine. I can take that , please.

Receptionist: What’s your name, please ?

Jake: JAKE HILL, J-A-K-E   H-I-L-L

Receptionist:  That’s 2.00 pm on Wednesday. Is that OK ?

Jake: Sure. Thanks.

2. Apologising 

Mark: Chris, I should say sorry. I said I would call you but I didn’t. I really forgot.

Chris: It doesn’t matter, don’t worry. I think you are busy.

Mark: I am feeling very bad. Please forgive me.

Chris: Come on Mark, don’t really bother it.

3. In a restaurant




Waiter: Good evening

Darrel: Good evening. A table for three, please.

Waiter: Smoking or non-smoking ?

Darrel: Non-smoking.

Waiter: Would you like a table near the window or fireplace ?

Darrel: fireplace, please. Could we see the menu, please ?

Waiter: Here you are…( wait..) …Are you ready to order ?

Darrel: I think so. I will have have perch, please.

Waiter: What’s your order Madam ?

Madam: Do you have Salmon ?

Waiter: Yes, madam.

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