Short Answers in English

When responding to yes or no questions in English, you can use short answers:

Are you coming to our house? – Yes, I am.

Are you watching the match tonight? – Yes, I am / No, I am not. (Present Continuous)

Do you like watching cartoons? – Yes, I do (Yes, I enjoy) / No, I don’t (Present Simple)

Did you watch the match yesterday? – No, I didn’t. (Past Tense)

Are you OK? – Yes, I am / No, I am not.

Short answers are based on the subject of the question:

  • Are they coming? – Yes, they are / No, they are not.
  • Is she studying? – Yes, she is / No, she is not.

Question Tags

Question tags are used to confirm information:

It is a nice car, isn’t it? (Confirming information)

You haven’t met your friend at the airport, have you? (Confirming information)

You liked the film, didn’t you? (Confirming information)

She can’t hear me, can she? (Confirming information)

The plane lands at ADM Airport, doesn’t it? (Confirming information)

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