Topics to discuss / Speaking and Writing

Topics to discuss:

1.      Information about the raw materials in our country.

2.      Your country in the 30 years time.

3.      The importance of learning foreign languages.

4.      Information about your country’s food-cookery.

5.      Information about the great thinkers in forms of literature, history, etc…

6.      The scientists in your country living abroad.

7.      The role of football in your country in comparison with the world.

8.      Information about the history & geography in your country.

9.      Cinema in your country.

10.     Music & its instruments.

11.      Information about the customs & traditions of English people.

12.      Traditional meals in my country.

13.      How can we improve our national environment?

14.      My childhood.

15.      My life-story (biography).

16.     Funny stories, folktales, myths, legends about your country.

17.     The economy of your country.

18.     The time you spent in the hospital.

19.    You & your life.

20.    The biggest mistake of your life.

21.     It is better to marry when you are very young.

22.    The subject you like in school.

23.    “Examinations are not necessary.” Discuss.

24.    On the way to one of the countries you’ve visited recently.

25.    If I had much money, I would ……………………………….. .

26.    Men should do some of the housework to help their wives.

27.    Your neighbors.

28.    My important day in my life.

29.    “A universal language is possible.” Discuss.

30.    What do you think are the qualities of a good father & mother?

31.    My first painting.

32.    “The old tradition prevent progress.”

33.    What makes marriages successful?

34.    Shopping in your hometown.

35.    The most interesting argument I have had.

36.    An important period in my country’s history.

37.    Your favourite writer.

38.  Space.

39.  Your parents.

40.  The animals I have seen at the zoo.

41.  It is said that “Too much money change good people into bad ones.” What do you think about it?

42.  The geographic regions in your country.

43.  How I learned to swim.

44.  The role of books, newspapers, in our life.

45.  A person I will never forget.

46.  My favourite poets.

47.  Travel is the best education.

48.  Your favourite movie & play.

49.  My childhood.

50.  Education & Examination.

51.  Women/men’s role in modern society.

52.  My favourite person.

53.  If I had a car, ………………………………… .

54.  My graduation day.

55.  Parents’ responsibilities.

56.  The teacher I liked (disliked) most.

57.  What is learning? & What is teaching?

58.  Furniture.

59.  Living in the city is better than living in the country.

60.  Hobbies.

61.  World governments should conduct serious campaigns against smoking.

62.  Television is doing irreparable harm.

63.  Camping is the ideal way of spending a holiday.

64.  We should all grow fat and be happy.

65.  Younger generation knows best.

66.  Only stricter traffic laws can prevent accidents.

67.  Parents are too permissive with their children nowadays.

68.  Advertisers perform a useful service to the community.

69.  The only thing people are interested in today is earning more money.

70.     Compulsory military service should be abolished in all countries.

71.  Childhood is certainly not the happiest time of your life.

72.  Untidy people are not nice to know.

73.  The only way to travel is on foot.

74.  Examinations exert a pernicious influence on education.

75.  Books, plays and films should be censored.

76.  People should be rewarded according to ability, not according to age and experience.

77.    Only a madman would choose to live in a large modern city.

78.  No one wants to live to be a hundred.

79.  The most important of all human qualities is a sense of humour.

80.  It is foolish to give money to beggars.

81.  Duelling is a sensible way of settling an argument.

82.Men are worse gossips than women

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