What do the famous stars do in their free time ?

What do the stars like doing in their free time ?

Sylvester Stallone – famous for the Rocky and Rambo movies. He loves painting and drawing. He is a good artist and his hero is Leonardo da Vinci. He also loves playing golf in his free time.

Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Julia Roberts and Russel Crowe enjoy knitting.

Keanue Reeves loves ballroom dancing and writing songs. But the star of the Matrix hates using mobile phones.

Nicole Kidman really enjoy swimming with sharks and skydiving. She knows it is dangerous but she doesn’t mind jumping out of a plane at 5000 metres.

Rock star Bono and Sting love playing chess, and they are both excellent players. Madonna likes playing chess, too.

Speaking Drill

Don’t mind …ing

Do you like………ing ?

Do you like playing chess ?   –  Yes , I do, /  No, I don’t.
Do you enjoy skateboarding ?  – I hate it. / Yes, I enjoy it.

Janet likes skateboarding.
Karen hates playing chess.
I don’t mind skateboarding.

Taking Action

Amazing Animals Facts

Which is the fastest animal on the land and in the sea ?

Which is the fastest animal in the air and of all ?

Most people know that on the land cheetah is the fastest animal, as well as one of the most beautiful. It can run at 112 km an hour but only for a few hundred metres. In the sea the sailfish is the fastest fish- it can swim at 110 km an hour. That is only two kilometres an hour slower than the cheetah.

In the air falcon is the fastest bird, with a speed of 100 kilometres an hour in level flight. But when it dives down it flies at an amazing 440 kilometres an hour. So the cheetah is a little faster than the sailfish, but the fastest of all is the falcon.

and which is the most dangerous animal ?

we’re all scared of sharks, but they don’t kill many people. and hippos kill most people than lions do. in India and Sri Lanka the most dangerous animal is a snake – the Indıan cobra. This snake kills over 50.000 people a year. But the most dangerous animal in the world is insect- the mosquito. Mosquite bites can give you malaria. The wold health organisation ( WHO ) say that 300 to 500 million people a year get malaria. One million people, mostly children in hot countries, die of the disease. scientist say that malaria killed half the people who ever lived.


superlative holidays! ( …the most expensive )

travel agent – Good morning, can I help you ?

customer – Yes please, I want to book a holiday.

travel agent – what kind of holiday ? the coldest, the most dangerous, the most exciting?

customer – what’s the most exciting holiday ?

travel agent – two weeks skydiving

customer – Isn’t that the most dangerous one?

travel agent – Oh  no the most dangerous holiday is two weeks skydiving over a sea full of sharks.

customer – No, I don’t really want flying.

travel agent – Well, what about the coldest holiday ? you are staying in an igloo in the arctic.

customer – But I like warm weather.

travel agent – Ok, what about the hottest holiday ? you ride a camel across the Sahara desert.

customer – No, that’s too hot. what else is there ?

travel agent – Let’s see. there is the longest holiday – a trip to mars!

customer – but I only have two weeks. and i don’t have a lot of money.

travel agent – then I think the best for you is the cheapest holiday.

customer – what is that?

travel agent – you stay at home!!!!

Adopted from the book Inspiration / Macmillian

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