A spectator Sport / Cooking

A Journalist Alina Wood gives her opinion about cooking.

Cooking in England is a spectator sport. We love watching famous chefs cook on TV, and we buy their books. But do we use them ?

A recent study shows that 60 % of British young people can't boil an egg. Four of ten never cook. One teenager said " I can't cook- But it doesn't matter. You just go to the supermarket and buy a pizza and put it in the microwave. Cooking is a waste of time. " Also a lot of adults don't cook. If a mother hates cooking, she doesn't teach her children to cook. Many schools don't teach cooking. – they prefer to teach computer skills and foreign languages.


What do you think ? Men love women who can cook- and women love men who can cook. Who would you prefer as a partner ? Somebody who can use a computer, or a good cook ?


( A text from New English File / Oxford )

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