Adverbial Clauses in English

Adverbials of Time

Whenever: Whenever I see him, I am in a good mood. He makes me feel positive.

Once: Once he helps us, we could get over the problems.

As soon as: As soon as the government has declared the budget, a big argument arose.

While: While we were chatting with our relatives, the earthquake happened.

While / As: While / As they were trying to rob the bank, one of the customers attacked the robbers with his stick.

So long as / As long as: As long as he plays in the goal, it is probable that we will win.

Since: He couldn’t take the last two exams in school since he was ill.

Adverbials of Place

Where: Istanbul is a city where two continents meet.

Wherever: Wherever she goes, she takes her habits.

Somewhere: Look somewhere that we don’t know for her keys.


Although: Although she studies really hard, she can’t get good marks.

Even though: Even though she studied hard, she failed.

Though: Though I play well, she doesn’t want to accept my talent.

Despite: Despite the fact that he saw the thief, he didn’t depose the identity.

Even if: Even if she studies hard, she seems to fail.

Whereas: Whereas his wife seems 50, he seems in his 60s.


So that: We meet every Friday nights so that we discuss the firm’s latest predicament.


Because: Because we are new in the country, it is normal to live strange dilemmas.

As: As we need a huge loan from the central bank, we applied for it before it’s too late.

Since: Since the striker is injured, we need another transfer.

Owing to the fact that: Owing to the fact that he is retired, he doesn’t want to work anywhere else.

Question: ————————- she has difficulty in reading, she is so eager to improve herself.


A) since

B) as

C) despite

D) whenever

E) although

Answer: E) although

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