Prepositon and Nouns / out of luck 

on a diet

on a trip

on average

on board

on guard 

on foot

on a cruise

on hold 

on occasions 

on business 

on fire

on order 

on strike 

on an expedition

on the phone

on time

on the increase 

on application

on the whole


in turn

in cash

in vain 

in a hurry

in pieces 

in general 

in captivity

in order

in bulk

in a moment

in common

in debt

in pain

in progress

in sight

in short 

in advance

in the end

in tears

in charge of 

in the circumstances

in demand

in fashion

in particular

in the suburbs

in person 

in my opinion

in general

in conclusion

in error

in trouble

in time

out of 

out of date

out of fashion

out of print

out of breath

out of danger

out of work

out of tune

out of sight

out of reach

out of question

out of luck

out of debt

out of order

out of place

out of practice

out of control 

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