Congratulations and good wishes


In English, there are many ways to express good wishes to your beloved people.

Do you send a card on these occasions or send an email?

I sometimes send cards on birthdays and anniversaries.

Ways to Express Good Wishes

  1. I hope
  2. Best Wishes
  3. Wishing you
  4. Good luck
  5. Happy
  6. Congratulations on

Some Card Examples

I hope you feel better soon, Cristina.

Lots of love,


Good luck in your new home.

Best wishes,


Congratulations on Eid Days

Happy Eid

In my country, eids are special days. People, especially young boys and girls, dress up in colorful costumes and clothes. Women clean their houses in advance to welcome their guests and they cook their best meals such as “kavurma, tava,” and sometimes kebap in the second eid of the year (Kurban – Eid al-Adha).

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