Using Conjunctions in English Writing

Several years ago, when I wanted to achieve a high score on my English exam, I researched how I could get a higher score in the writing section. After learning about the importance of conjunctions in writing, I started using them to connect sentences in my exam paper. However, it’s also beneficial to know various conjunctions that you’ll encounter in many contexts. Here are some conjunctions you can use besides ‘and, but, so’…

  • Moreover: You can use this conjunction to highlight something else that supports your statement.
  • In addition: Use this conjunction to add extra information to your sentence.
  • Furthermore: adds more information to your sentence.
  • Also: Similar to. Note that if the sentence starts with a ‘to be’ verb, ‘also’ comes after the verb.
  • As well: is used at the end of sentences.
  • Too: Simply adds extra information at the end of your sentence.
  • Additionally: adds more details to your sentence.
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