Think About These Questions First

  1. What is this book about?
  2. Does it look interesting?
  3. Why do you want to read it?
  4. What makes a good book for you?

Book Details

Part 1

TitleThe Secret Agent
AuthorBy Joseph Conrad
PublisherBlack Cat
Fiction / Non-fictionFiction

Part 2: What is the Book About?

The Secret Agent revolves around Mr. Verloc, a lazy man who owns a shop in London. He leads a peaceful life with his wife Winnie, her mother, and her brother, Stevie. However, things take a disastrous turn when Mr. Verloc becomes entangled in an anarchist plot to blow up the Greenwich Royal Observatory. As a secret agent, his actions lead to tragic consequences for him and his family.

What is the Most Important Information About the Story?

The Secret Agent stands out as it is entirely set in London. The novel is based on a true event that occurred on 15th February 1894 when a young French anarchist named Martial Bourdain attempted to blow up the Greenwich Royal Observatory, an event known as “The Greenwich Bomb Outrage.”

What is Your Opinion About This Book?

In my opinion, The Secret Agent is a captivating fiction story. I find it appealing and well-written, making it an enjoyable read for all book lovers. I personally found it fascinating and would highly recommend it to those who enjoy engaging stories.

This section can be expanded with various opinions:

  • It is an awful/great/nice/boring book.
  • I love/like/hate this book because…
  • I recommend this book to everyone because it is…

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Part 3: Additional Questions for Further Analysis

  1. What type of story is it?
  2. Where does the story happen?
  3. When does it happen?
  4. Who are the most important characters?
  5. What happens at the end?
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