Learning English and being curious about England go hand in hand. We’ve prepared an article on what you can do in the heart of England, London, where you can practice the English you’ve learned. For friends planning to go to London and spend a day there, here is a list of places to visit in London:

British Museum: The best museum in England where you can spend your whole day exploring its rich collection gathered throughout history.

National Gallery: A gallery where you can see historical artworks for free, making it a great choice for art lovers.

Trafalgar Square: See Nelson’s statue and observe the crowds of London.

Walk through Hyde Park: No trip to London is complete without a walk in Hyde Park.

Covent Garden: Explore the old market, watch street performers, and listen to musicians. You can find plenty of free entertainment in Covent Garden.

Walk along the Thames: Breathe in the fresh scent of the river and find peace while listening to the sounds it creates.

Evensong Church Service: Many cathedrals in England require an entrance fee, but you can enter for free if you attend an evensong service.

Cross Tower Bridge: Crossing the bridge is free entertainment for many tourists! Walk around, and you might even catch the bridge opening and closing.

National Maritime Museum: Discover the history of the Royal Navy in England.

Walk through the Woolwich Foot Tunnel: Experience something different by passing through one of the oldest tunnels under the Thames – get off at the King George V station of the DLR and walk towards the entrance.

Pollocks Toy Museum: A great place to see toys from around the world, perfect for kids and those who still feel like kids.

Imperial War Museum: If you want to explore England’s military history in all its glory, visit this museum.

Borough Market: Discover one of London’s most beloved markets and enjoy delicious food.

British Film Institute’s Mediatheque: Explore England’s film heritage here.

Houses of Parliament: Entering may come with a fee, but it doesn’t stop you from exploring the building from the outside.

Museum of London: Examining London’s history can be fun.

Natural History Museum: One of the world’s best natural history museums. Don’t forget to visit the Darwin Centre!

There’s so much to do in London, and this list is just a starting point. I recommend taking the time to explore London’s historical and cultural riches.

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