Articles in English

In our initial lessons, we discussed the basic articles in English. Now, let’s review with different examples:

If we are talking about something for the first time, we use ‘a’ or ‘an’ articles:

a / an: a (before vowel sounds) or an (before consonant sounds)

I bought a new pair of trainers. (Talking about something new)

We live in a big house. (Talking about a new house)

I live in a big city in Turkey. (Talking about a specific city)

Used with singular nouns;

I bought a house.

I bought a new T-shirt.

I bought a ticket for the concert.

Have you booked a room?

Can I have a clean fork, please?

When there are many things or people and we don’t specify which one;

I bought this pair of trainers in a shop in Izmir.

Would you like a drink?

Would you like a dessert?

Also used when introducing a profession;

I am an English teacher.

She is a doctor.

My brother is a veterinarian.

Using ‘the’: When referring to something mentioned earlier in the conversation.

For example, if we mentioned the T-shirt earlier;

The T-shirt is blue.

My mom put the T-shirt in the washing machine.

Or in specific locations, like the kitchen;

He is in the kitchen now.

Or when referring to a specific book;

Can I recommend the book I read last week?

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