Confusing Words / I am going to make a cake

Lesson 1

We will focus on the most confused words “make and do” and “lend, borrow and loan”.

Make: /meɪk/ to make, to bring into being. To produce something new by putting the pieces together, to build.

Example sentences:

  • I am going to make a cake for the guests tonight.
  • “make” can also be used for domestic work;
    make the bed, please.
    She will make the meal for us tonight.
  • Make a suggestion
    Make a decision
    Make a mistake

Do: /du:/ to do, rather “do” refers to an action. There is no sense of achieving something new with “do”.

Example sentences:

  • What are you going to do tonight?
  • Please do your homework.
  • Do the housework
  • Do your job.
  • Do the dishes

Lesson 2

Lend: /lend/Lender

Example sentence:

I lent him the mobile for the day.

Borrow: /ˈbɒrəʊ/ borrower

Example sentence:

Can I borrow the mobile for a while?

She will have to borrow 50 thousand Lira for the house that she wants to buy.

Loan: /ləʊn

Example sentence:

The bank’s loan’s interest is too high.

I loaned him the mobile phone.

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