Test Your Pre-Intermediate Grammar Level


1.      The door is knocking.

I__________________answer it.

(a)    Is

(b)   Will

(c)    Do

(d)   Is going to

2.      The students _____________________wear a uniform at school.

a)      Has to

b)      Have to

c)      Hasn’t to

d)     Haven’t to

3.      Basketball_________________by students everyday in the USA.

(a)    Are play

(b)   Is played

(c)    Are playing

(d)   Is play

4.      Oranges___________________last night by my father

(a)    Are ate

(b)   Were eaten

(c)    Are eating

(d)   Were ate

5.       I ________________________buy a new CD.

(a)     Is will

(b)   Am going to

(c)    Am go to

(d)   Am will

6.      My mother  _______________________get up early.

(a)    Does had to

(b)   Doesn’t have to

(c)    Does have to

(d)   Doesn’t had to

7.      I think he____________________the car carefully.

(a)    Should eat

(b)   Should drive

(c)    Should sleep

(d)   Should speak

8.      I think we _____________________their mother do the housework.

(a)    Should study

(b)   Should travel

(c)    Should help

(d)   Should wear

      9. She ____________________have long hair.

(a)    Used to

(b)   Are use to

(c)    Is  use to

(d)   Was used to

10.  They_______________have extra classes after school.

(a)    Did to

(b)   Didn’t use to

(c)    Have used to

(d)   Are use to

11.  Don’t play with matches.

            You _______________a fire.

(a)    Could go

(b)   Could read

(c)    Could visit

(d)   Could start

      12. Don’t ride fast on your bike.

           You _____________________down.

(a)    Might drink

(b)   Might fall

(c)    Might read

(d)   Might ask

      13.If you study harder,you _________________be a better student.

(a)    Don’t

(b)   Is

(c)    Will

(d)   Are

14.  If he ______________all those hamburgers, she will feel ill.

(a)    Is eat

(b)   Eats

(c)    Are eats

(d)   Is eats

15.  Let’s_______________to the cinema.

(a)    Go

(b)   Read

(c)    Play

(a)    Drink

      16.How about _______________our homework?

(a)    Visiting

(b)   Doing

(c)    Playing

(d)   Drinking

      17.She  _______________waiting here since two o’clock.

(a)    has been

(b)    is been

(c)    Are been

(d)    Do been

     18. I _____________________learning English since 1995.

(a)    Has been

(b)   Is been

(c)    Have been

(d)   Are been

     19. She ______________a doctor because she works in a hospital.

(a)    Is be

(b)   Must is

(c)    Must be

(d)   Are been

     20. If I had time, I ____________________to music more.

(a)    am listen

(b)   is listen

(c)   would listen

(d)   Do listen

     21. We usually _______________with my grandparents in summer.

(a)    Are staying

(b)   Will stay

(c)    Stay

(d)   Were staying

      22. We can’t sit down.  There aren’t _______________chairs.

(a)    Enough

(b)   Lot

(c)    Some

(d)   Much

      23. She hasn't finished her meal___________________.

(a)    Just

(b)   Already

(c)    Since

(d)   Yet

      24. Ayşe isn’t a teacher __________________she?

(a)    Does

(b)   Aren’t

(c)    Is

(d)   Doesn’t

      25. Cemal_____________________in Izmir since October.

(a)    Have lived

(b)   Living

(c)    Lives

(d)   Has lived

      26. They________________fly to New York next week.

(a)    Are going to

(b)   Are

(c)    Will

(d)   Do

      27. Julie is_________________ than Jill.

(a)    Prettiest

(b)   Pretty

(c)    Prettier

(d)   The prettier

     28. How ________________milk do you drink for breakfast?

(a)    Many

(b)   Some

(c)    Enough

(d)   Much  

     29. He’d rather ________________than do his homework.

(a)    Plays

(b)   Playing

(c)    To play

(d)   Play

     30. How about ___________________to the cinema tonight?

(a)    To go

(b)   Going

(c)    Went

(d)   Goes

     31. Is there _________________in your bag?

(a)    Something

(b)   Everything

(c)    Anything

(d)   Nothing

      32. They _______________around the world last summer.

(a)   Travels

(b)   Travelled

(c)   Are travelling

(d)   Were travelling

      33. I promise I _________________on time tomorrow.

(a)    Will arrive

(b)    Arrive

(c)    Am arriving

(d)   Am going to arrive

      34.Janet ________________for a new house at present.

(a)   Is looking

(b)   Looked

(c)   Was looking

(d)   Looks

      35. My grandmother __________________speak 5 languages when she was young.

(a)    Could

(b)   Were able to

(c)    Is able to

(d)   Wasn’t able to

     36. Who is the __________________boy in class?

(a)    Tall

(b)   Taller

(c)    Tallest

(d)   Too tall

     37. Alex never_____________early in the morning.

(a)    Got up

(b)   Getting up

(c)    Gets up

(d)   Get up

    38. I think sports cars aren’t _______________racing cars.

(a)    Faster

(b)   As fast as

(c)    The fastest

(d)   As faster

    39. ____________________you ever seen a giraffe?

(a)    Do

(b)   Have

(c)    Are

(d)   Did

    40. They _________________lunch at the moment.

(a)    Are having

(b)   Had

(c)    Were having

(d)   Have


Answer Key :

1 B 2 B 3 B 4 B 5 B 6 B 7 B 8 C 9 A 10 B 11 D 12 B 13 C 14 B 15 A 16 B 17 A 18 C 19 C 20 C

21 C 22 A 23 D 24 C 25 D 26 A 27 C 28 C 29 D 30 B 31 C 32 B 33 A 34 A 35 A 36 C 37 C

38 B 39 B 40 A

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