Prepositions of Place: in, at, on

In English, we use prepositions of place to indicate location or position. The common prepositions of place are “in,” “at,” and “on.”

Using “in”

  • I am in the garden now.
  • We live in the north of Gaziantep.
  • My books are in the room.

Using “at”

  • I live at 7447, Zübeyde Hanım Street.
  • Janet was at the university last week to take her final exam.
  • She waited for me at the airport.

Using “on”

  • We live on the first floor.
  • The key on the table is mine.
  • There are ten books on the table.

Remember, “in” is used for enclosed spaces, “at” for specific points, and “on” for surfaces.

Examples with “to”

  • Alex goes to school on foot.
  • She came back to the shop.
  • Are you coming to the meeting tonight?

These are common prepositions to express movement, location, and position in English.

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