Vocabulary – Family Relationships

Getting Married

We have decided to get married next year. Will you marry me? I don’t know when he will marry.

Questions Part 1

  1. Nicole and Christina met at a university lecture last year. Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight, but Nicole fancied Christina at first sight.
  2. Mike and Sam are getting engaged a month before the wedding.
  3. A year ago, Mike proposed to Sam, and Sam accepted. They got engaged. And then Mike bought an engagement ring.
  4. They got on well in the first months, but then they started to quarrel (fight).
  5. Now, they aren’t happy together and they have decided to break up.
  6. They have been living apart for a few months because they had a really big argument about expenses.
  7. Mike and Sam found living together very difficult, and they got divorced last week.
  8. This time he seized his chance and asked Christina out.

When You Get Married

Learn vocabulary related to weddings and marriage:

  • wedding
  • bride
  • groom
  • wedding ring
  • fiancé
  • ex-wife / ex-husband
  • get custody of children
  • alimony
  • maiden name
  • dowry
  • arranged marriage

Questions Part 2

  1. The surname that a woman has before marriage.
  2. The man who gets married at a wedding.
  3. Mothers tend to get custody of their children more often.
  4. After a divorce, the man who was a woman’s husband is her ex-husband.
  5. The money a man or woman has to pay by law to an ex-wife or ex-husband after separation.

Answer Key:

Part 1:

1. met / fancied
2. getting engaged
3. proposed / got engaged
4. got on well
5. break up / split up
6. living apart
7. got divorced
8. asked —– out

Part 2:

1. maiden name
2. groom
3. get custody
4. ex-husband
5. alimony

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