Elementary Level Grammar Topics 4

First Conditional

“If you go out in the snow, you will get cold.”

If he doesn’t play well, he won’t (will not) win.

Main clause

He won’t win if he doesn’t play well.

Comparative and Superlative


AdjectiveComparative (-er, more)Superlative (the …est, the most)
BigbiggerThe biggest
SmallSmallerThe smallest
PopularMore popularThe most popular
SunnySunnierThe sunniest


Horses are bigger than donkeys.

The Moon is smaller than the sun.

John is more popular than George at school.

Note 1: For short adjectives with two syllables, we add -er. If the number of syllables is two or more, we use -more for comparison.

Note 2: Adjectives ending in -y are prefixed with -ier;

Note 3: If the adjective ends with a vowel followed by a consonant, the last letter is doubled;

Note 4: Irregular adjectives;

Will and Going to

I am going to fly to America tomorrow.

It’s going to rain soon.


I will be a professor one day.

Maybe it will be rainy tomorrow.

Going to:

I will go to the art exhibition tomorrow.

Present Continuous for Future Arrangements

I am playing football at 11 tomorrow.

She is going shopping on Sunday.

What are you doing tomorrow?

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