Conditional Clauses

If / Unless Clauses

Some conditional clauses express future actions:

  • If: If you study a lot, you will pass your exams.
  • If…not / Unless: Unless you study, you won’t pass.

For example:

  • If I have time, I will help you later.
  • Unless I earn more money, we can’t afford the Paris Trip.

As Long As / Even If Clauses

Other conditional clauses emphasize conditions:

  • As long as: As long as you listen to your teachers during the lesson, you will learn easily.
  • Even if: Even if they practice much, they won’t win the match.

For example:

  • As long as the weather is perfect, we can have a picnic tomorrow.
  • Even if you work till midnight, you won’t finish.

In Case Clauses

Using ‘in case’ to express preparedness:

  • In case: In case you lose your passport, please call me.

For example:

  • Take your coat in case it gets freezing cold.

This content provides an overview of different types of conditional clauses in English.

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